Contemporary Mona Lisa

by mijo_olivia

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creed (corbin):
I, like many others that post to this site have long been frustrated by the method of voting and the apparent abuse of the system by certain members/posters. We all know to whom I refer for the most part. Proxy server use for repeat voting for their post and the minimum score for other posters they feel are their competition in effect ruin the voting system altogether and render it of little value. I have a suggestion to change the system somewhat and would like to hear what other member think of the idea and or their ideas on how to improve this rather flawed current system. My suggestion: no author that is ranked in the top 100 be allowed to vote on their or any other author ranked in the top 100. This, assuming that the site administrator can in fact alter the system to allow for this. I would assume the techs involved here could write some code to determine and monitor this, but if not I would like to hear some alternate ideas to improve the current formula which as I have said is far too frustrating and I think prevents many from posting here. Thanks.