Exit Mona Lisa

by jcd (London)

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didas (aveiro - portugal):
I really liked this one.
jcd (London):
Leonardo had said to Mona: "I'm just nipping out for a quick word with my broker. Won't be a moment": Well, that was two hours ago, and he still hadn't returned. The lady was becoming hungry and annoyed, and was beginning to frown, which was out of character. She felt that a nice meal would restore her serenity and good humour, so off she went, in a bit of a huff.
While Mona was enjoying a leisurely vino and pasta in the pizzeria round the corner, Leonardo returned, was captivated by the scene that greeted him, and immediately started painting this recently discovered masterpiece.
When Mona returned from lunch and said that she was ready to resume posing, Leonardo replied, painting furiously: "Don't bother me now, baby - I'm really in the groove with this one. Come back tomorrow and we'll finish yours."
Thus, at last, we get a chance to glimpse the view that Mona Lisa has been blocking so elegantly all these years.