Leo and Lisa at the beach

by bigchrist (Montreal)

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creed (USA):
I'm with you on this one bigchrist. Life, It is what it is. Obviously Mona Lisa will remain beautiful so long as the painting survives. I read recently that they have supposedly located the tome of the original subject, that sat for the painting. I'm sure by now her appearance has changed dramatically As your pic illustrates, no one remains young and beautiful forever.
bigchrist (montreal):
All the time we can see nude Mona on this site,with big tits or with open legs,but when we show mona in a holder body,you say this is disgusting.The nature is like that when you gonna be holder youre body gonna change and this is the life and nothing is supose to be disgusting on that.Look at youre body before and try to say to me youre perfect...
What a perverted s**t ! Poorly finished, a shame for Mona Lisa !