Lisa Joplin

by gunnar (Norway)

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I know it might look that way, but look, I dont know how to do that- and I WOULD NEVER DO THAT EIGHTER. i AM 54, UNIVERSITY TEACHER AND ARTIST AND DESIGNER, THIS IS JUST A COOL WAY TO PASS TIME. I dont try to be brilliant here, just having fun. That some people vote in a strange way is wired. Som of my pics should have got better votes if I had the means to manipulate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and some worse...LOL
Ben Laden:
Gunnar, come on, what are you doing ? You are simply becoming another Fabiouchka by using Proxy Servers to crank up the ratings on your images. Yes, some of your images are pretty cool, but not all of them, so there is no reason to keep doing this. Especially not with an image like this. Focus on making cool new versions and not doing this please, cranking images up into the top 30 that do not belong there . . . .