Mona Blue

by Sailor Girl (Cascais)

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Latest user comments:
It took five hundred years for my message to humankind to be unravelled.
It was unveiled by the hand of the Sailor Girl in hers .
It is all about this blue.
This is the blue that no one but her could have seen in my Code.
The one you know as the Da Vinci Code.
Someone wrote a book about it. He missed my point altogether. He wasn't even close to it.
The key to my code could not have been anything other than a colour!
I am Leonardo.
The key to my code could only have been a colour, a light with a colour.
This blue, this azul is the key to my code.
At last, my Dear MonaLisa you can be at rest in her colour:
I painted your smile for this colour; The Sailor Girl's blue.
The Atlanticoazul blue.
al-cad' i-dexe:
I just love your Mona blue, Sailor is so inspiring...goes so very well with my dress. You should feature me in all this blue, Sailor Girl...that would be outrageously blue.
Full marks: ten out of ten