Mona in the morning

by gunnar

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What is this garbage? Stop flooding the site with this crap losers!
I do agree!! And I will continue having fun! I actually had an idea about using this site as a test in photoshop skills in one of my classes...could be fun? My favorites of my own stuff is Jar Jar Binks as Mona, but that one is way down the line...but at least you liked it!! LOL...Thats how it is I have to check on Wikipedia what a proxy server is... ;) Look forward to your posts and comments, Ren!
Ren (Chicago):
Weird how people keep screwing around with the votes on this site, both good and bad. Look at my images they are all over the place, some they like, then others they vote down for no reason. But in the end, it is something I do for fun, not glory. So however people vote for them is their thing, not mine. I do really like the posts that you and several other users post on the site. Some good stuff. Especially the stuff from you, Rudolfs, Tony, Alberto, Teddy, Patrizia, and few others. Some really innovative and interesting posts. So keep on posting and ignore the strange stuff and goings on around here and have fun doing what your doing. There are some of us that really enjoy it!