Mona Lisa

by Leonardo da Vinci (Anchiano, Italy)

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Author: copywriters  |  Posted: 2017-03-15 21:32:29
That is a curious modification. I think that it looks pretty natural, so I'd vote for it.

Author: woods (USA)  |  Posted: 2017-02-28 04:26:26
Why is this pic "Mona Prays" in the bad pics section. It should be in the regular gallery for all to see and judge, as should "Mona Treads Dangerlously" and "Mona In The Mist".

Author: lintassoftware (Indonesia)  |  Posted: 2016-01-25 03:46:08
monalisa its very beautifull so i love you monalisaa

Author: MegaMonaLisa  |  Posted: 2016-01-12 15:12:45
You are right, Teddy, thank you! The time passes, but the real masterpieces remain :)

Author: Teddy Royannez (France)  |  Posted: 2016-01-10 14:31:17
Happy Birthday Megamonalisa
10 years old today ( 2006-01-10 / 2016-01-10 )

Author: creed  |  Posted: 2015-01-26 04:41:49
Why is this pic "Mona Lisa Poses" in the bad pics section. It is obviously as legit as many others that are not removed to the bad pics. I would like this pic returned to the regular gallery for others to judge. As you can see it had a very worthy score of 1.69..... etc. So many of my post wind up in the bad pics section for no apparent reason. I, along with other members of this site choose not to post any additional pics here until some better method of selection can be devised. Thank you.

Author: Francesco Rinoldi  |  Posted: 2014-11-30 17:02:30
Yeas,I agree totally.Best wishes also for next Xmas and happy N.Lisayear!

Author: Visitor  |  Posted: 2014-10-26 13:50:18
Friendly message to Mr. Rinoldi :

Quantity does not mean quality

"Quality over quantity" means that a better product is more important than the amount of that product available.

"Quantity over quality" means that a high level of output is all that matters, regardless of how good it is.

Author: MegaMonaLisa  |  Posted: 2014-09-10 15:24:26
Hi pals,

A major redesign of the site is coming soon, hope you'll like it!

Thank you for your never ending effort!

Your MegaMonaLisa

Author: creed (Corbin)  |  Posted: 2014-01-18 06:07:10
Please return my postings, "Mona Lisa Poses" and "Mona Treads Dangerously" to the main gallery.

Author: creed (Corbin)  |  Posted: 2013-11-07 05:49:24
Please return my posting "Mona Moonlite Magic" to the gallery.

Author: romomas (mekkah)  |  Posted: 2013-11-05 05:05:43


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