How to post your own Mona Lisa? Follow these three easy steps!

1. Download the original picture!

Just click the image below with right mouse button and select "Save image as...". Put the image into the desired location (e.g. on your desktop), where you can find it later. Now open the image in your favorite photo-editing application, such as Adobe Photoshop. If you don't own one, try Lunapic On-Line Photo Editor.
Mona Lisa

2. Modify it!

Use your natural creativity to make a masterpiece of your own! Note that your picture should be based on the original one and should not violate law, the only other limit is your own mind...

Don't forget to save your image in JPG/JPEG format, our server does not accept GIF, PNG or BMP files.

Mona Lisa

3. Post it!

Finally just fill the form below (don't forget to click Browse... and select the file with your picture) and press Submit. The picture will be uploaded to our server and shown immediately to other users.
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