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Mona Lisa - Mona in Red Dress

Mona in Red Dress

by Ursito (Küsnacht, Switzerland)

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User comments on picture Mona in Red Dress

Author: Ren (Chicago)  |  Posted: 2010-08-06 06:37:43
This is Beautifully Done !

Author: Luis Antonio  |  Posted: 2007-08-28 21:09:29
Very well done !

Author: Patrizia  |  Posted: 2007-08-28 21:06:59
Very nice Mona Lisa.

Author: J. Brown (Illinois)  |  Posted: 2007-03-09 21:40:44
In my opinion this is the best one of all pictures I have seen in this website.

Author: paula  |  Posted: 2007-02-28 03:18:27
how many times have you already voted in this s**t?

Author: francesco (milano - italia)  |  Posted: 2006-10-04 12:25:16


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